The UCLA BSC has had a positive impact on my life, helping me to explore a number of career paths outside of academia that I might not have considered otherwise. I can think of no other organization on UCLA's campus that is capable of fulfilling this critical need of the postdoctoral and graduate student community.

  • Mark Fleissner, Ph.D.
  • Business Development Analyst, Boston University
  • MBA Student, Boston University


Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Business of Science Center encourages innovation and entrepreneurship at UCLA in order to bring academic discoveries to the public domain. We support Faculty inventors in all stages of commercialization. Through our Venture Team Program, we give graduate students hands-on experience in market and intellectual property research, business plan development, effective communication strategies for securing funding from venture capital, and more. Industry professionals act as mentors to both faculty and students in growing discoveries into products that can improve the lives of many.